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Studies on Oral Histories, Life- and Family Stories

ISBN 9985-4-0268-5

Edited by Tiiu Jaago
in collaboration with Mare Kõiva and Kairika Kärsna

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Studies are related to the following projects:
Processes of Every-Day Culture in Historical and Modern Perspectives (University of Tartu).
Finno-Ugric Identity in the changing Europe (Centre for European Studies).
Latvian Oral History Project (Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of Latvian University).
Myth, History. Society. Ethnic/National Traditions in the Age of Globalization. (Finnish Academy of Sciences.)
Contemporary Folklore Theory: processes, myths, attitudes, globalisation versus locality (Estonian Science Foundation).
Strategies and Practices of Everyday Life in Soviet Estonia (Estonian Science Foundation).
Translation of articles sponsored by:
Eesti Kultuurkapital (Cultural Endowment of Estonia)
Tartu Kultuurkapital (Cultural Endowment of Tartu)
Alfred Kordelini Fond (Alfred Kordelin Foundation)