siit saate teada kõik saladused minu kohta
geenitehnoloogidega seotud asjad siit leiate mu tuttavate kohta mõne huvitava asja siin on huvitavaid pilte, linke ja mp3-esid siit saa

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Tradeing rules

1. If I have not traded with you before and you contact me first, you must send first if i ask that.
After receiving, I will contact you and send my stuff to you immediately.

2. Sending is only by registred mail if not agreed differently.

3. Coin have to be packed carefully. Coin have to be packed separetly so they can not touch and scrach each other. Also coins have to be protected from any kind of glue (tape etc). Also you have to use secure envelope (envelope with bubble plastic).

4. Be sure that the weight of your letter will be marked on the envelope otherwise I can not make complain if some coins are lost/stealen from the envelope.

5. The sender will take the responsibility for his letter. It means that if the letter will be lost,
the sender will send a new letter cointaining same stuff or stuff equal with previous letter.
(If sender cant send the same stuff sender will agree on the reciever what to send).
NB! Since the sending is only by registred letter the sender will get compensation from post office if the letter is really lost.