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Be careful with following people, i cant say thet they are bad traders, but i and other people have been problems with them:

Javier Oraindi ( (
MURILLO 1121 7mo. D

   When we first agreed for a trade. He recieved my coins, but i didn't recieved his. He said that they are probably lost and said that he will send his coins again (He said that he can not send coins by registrated mail from Argentina). After waiting a month, he said that he has not sent the coins while it would be to expensive to him. Then he proposed new trade and promised to send all coins from both trade. After waiting about 3 months the coins arrived. For getting those coins i had to warn hime several times putting his name into the bad trader lists.
    There are many people who hav been problems with him. Usually they have not get coins from him:

    At Javier Oraindi's Good trader list is also
OLEG EFIMOV ( who has been cheated by Javier.

Stefan Badin (

We almost agreed the trade, but when i asked to send his coins first he dissapeared. Then i heard that Stefan has added me to his goodtraderlist. When I asked an explanation he didn't explaned anything just wanted to continue our trade. Of cours i disagreed.
NB! I have heard that other people have4 bee cheated by him, although his name appears in many goodtraderlist.

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