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Be careful with following people, i cant say thet they are bad traders, they are bad traders

Milos Pohole (

We agreed to trade 21 set of UNC Slovenian eurocoins (total catalogue value 200$) against
500 UNC coins from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (total catalogue value 450 $) among circulation
coins there was 45 nice commemorative coins.
After recieving my coins he sent me only 12 set on slovenian eurocoins saing nothing that he will
send me less coins than we agreed for.
When coins arrived I asked from him about missing 9 sets, he said that he sent me coins with
equal face value. But my coins weighted several times more (so the the sending costs were bigger),
they contained 45 nice commemorative coins. 33 were more then 10 year old so harder to get
(and some of them were even mintmark special).
And what is most important we agreed previously for 21 sets.

Raśl Guerrero Ortiz (
09080 BURGOS

We agreed to trade coins in worth of 98$. We both send our coins and mine arrived very nicely.
But his coins didn't arrived. He asked from postoffice and he was told that Estonian post has lost
the coins. To me Estonian Post told that those coins never arrived to Estonia.
So he offered to me that he will give me 30 euros that he will get from Spanish Post as reparation.
I didn't agreed and because i have always send the coins again if my letter has been stolen and i
think that this is a unwritten law for the traders. 30 euros would be only 1/3 of the worth of my
The compensation for one letter is 30 euros and he decided to send coins in one letter. So he took
the WHOLE responsibility for 98-30=68 euros. If he had sent coins in 3 different letter and all
of them would be stolen he would get back all
of the money the coins are worth. He does not agree with this logic.
I have not accepted his offer for 30 euros since it is not covering my cost for the coins and
sending and i think he has to send coins again in worth of 98$. And he wants to use banktransfer
and with that I would lost 1/4 of this money.
So he is BAD TRADER and you shoul be very careful with him.